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Please forward a detailed c.v. for consideration to

Applications to please include all of the below:

  • Detailed professional resume
  • Scanned copy of your valid Passport
  • Scanned copies of all relevant certificates
  • Minimum 2 written references to be supplied

Our recruitment team will review all incoming applications.  We endeavour to respond to applications received within 7 business days.  Should we have immediate openings that closely match your experience and qualifications, a representative will revert soonest.

All resumes received are talent banked for a maximum period of 6 months and are actively reviewed as positions become available, it is therefore not necessary to reapply within a 6 month period.

Please note that we do not recruit couples.  Each application received is considered on his/her individual merits.

Candidate Pre-Screen Assessment Form

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Statutory Seafarer Medical Fitness Exam
Applicable International Maritime Law requires you to pass a Seafarer Medical Fitness Examination prior to joining the ship and be issued an unrestricted medical certificate. This is to ensure you are fit to carry out both your routine and emergency duties. There are numerous conditions which may prevent an unrestricted fitness certificate being issued (e.g. epilepsy, insulin dependent diabetes and obesity which is defined as a BMI > 30).

By signing below, I certify that that the above declarations are factual and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that any false and/or misleading statements, or any deliberate omission of facts, may result in consequences including my application being withdrawn from consideration or my employment being terminated.


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