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Contract Lengths
South African Crewmembers work onboard for a period of six – eight months at a time. Staff and Crew are usually assigned

to a specific ship for the duration of their contract, although the company may transfer individuals to another ship during a

contract period for operational reasons. On completion of the six-eight month contract, the crew member will disembark

for a leave periodof approximately six to ten weeks. If the end of contract appraisal, completed by the Head of Department

and the Passenger Services Director, indicates the crew member’s performance was satisfactory and he/she is suitable for re-employment, they will be scheduled for another six-eight month contract.


Work Schedules are arranged by the Head of Department and vary depending on the position held and the itinerary of

the ship.The average working day is eleven hours per day and all crew members work seven days a week

(there are no scheduled days off.) Timeoff is granted at the discretion of the Department Head, provided passenger service, operational and safety requirements permit. Crew members are also required to participate in regular safety drills and

embarkation duties.

Accommodation and Meals

Crew members share two berth accommodations, usually with facilities shared between two cabins. It is important to note

That space is limited, and cabins are therefor designed to maximize efficiency.  Working and living in close proximity

With your colleagues will take some adjustment.  Crew eat in the crew mess, whilst Junior Officers eat in the officers’ mess. There are no deductions from salary for accommodation or meals.
Physical Examination

It is both a requirement of law, and a condition of employment with Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd., that all crew members

holda valid medical certificate issued by a company authorized medical physician.
Initial set of company issued uniform items will be provided by the company. Replacement and additional  items are available

at discounted rates. More detailed information regarding Own Supply items will be provided by your administrator.

Laundry of uniform items is free of charge.


Crew Facilities

On board facilities for crew include a gym, pool, sunbathing area and a recreation room with a crew bar. There is a crew club
which is a committee of crew members that provides activities for the crew such as sports tournaments, crew tours, parties

andthemed evenings.


Keeping in Touch

Staying connected with friends and family is available via onboard Internet Café’s or phone calls.  Most ships have internet café’s where you stay connected.  If you have a laptop, some ships have wireless connections available.  A small fee will apply for internet connectivity.  Telephone connectivity is available via satellite onboard, however du eto costs and unpredictable connectivity, most crew members prefer to call friends/family whilst in port.


Passport / Visas

All crew members must be in possession of a valid 10 year passport and a valid US visa (C1/D). Assistance will be provided in obtaining necessary visas for employment.



Flights are provided by the company from South Africa to the port of joining. On completion of contract flights will also be
provided back to South Africa. In the case of dismissal or if you break contract without providing notice to the employer, payment will be required for your repatriation